Tjaard Gimbrère has been working in the legal profession for 35 years and is the founder of law firm OTIS Advocaten. In 2005 he opened an office in Barcelona. “I noticed that many Dutch people in Spain ran into legal issues and could not find any support for this. I wanted to help them, in Dutch. The entire legal system works drastically differently in Spain compared to the Netherlands. It is mainly language and mentality differences that cause problems.”

Besides his law firm in Barcelona, OTIS Advocaten also has also opened offices in Marbella, Ibiza, Mallorca, Madrid and Amsterdam. Tjaard is proud of his organisation and describes it as an inspiring work environment with passionate and professional employees.

The company´s services include: Corporate law, employment law, contract law, real estate, tenancy law, inheritance law, personal & family law, personal injury, tax law, bankruptcy law, criminal law, debt collection, administration and accountancy (gestoria), and litigating in Spain.

We are at your service. Spanish law, Dutch communication.

Rambla de Cataluña, 73, 1
08007 Barcelona

Tel ES: +34 93 272 50 98
Tel NL: + 31 76 808 02 83

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