Rens Zwanenburg

Rens Zwanenburg is the chairman of several environmental organisations in the Netherlands such as: Verenigde Milieubedrijven in Woerden, Vereniging Afvalbedrijven in Hertogenbosch and the VIA (Vereniging Interprovinciale Afvalverwerkende Bedrijven).


Rens is the director and major shareholder of InterChem and Inter-Green, who were recently declared the winner of the National Recycle Industry in the Netherlands.

InterChem is on the one hand a service-oriented waste collection, waste processing and recycling company of hazardous waste, and on the other hand a producer of solvents and chemical cleaning products.

Inter-Green is at the forefront of developing processes whereby raw materials from the paint industry, which would otherwise end up in the environment, are recovered and reused for the production of semi-finished products for paints and coatings. Inter-Green´s paints have also been available in the Spanish market since mid-2015 and the Inter-Green website is now available in four languages. Here you can watch an explainer video in Dutch.

Lately, Rens has begun to help start-up entrepreneurs with sustainable business projects.

Inter-Che-M B.V.
Postbus 9, 6640 AA BEUNINGEN
Platinawerf 22-26, 6641 TL BEUNINGEN
Inter-GreeN B.V.
Postbus 9, 6640 AA BEUNINGEN
Platinawerf 22-26, 6641 TL BEUNINGEN

Rens Zwanenburg – DGA
T: +31 24 678 02 00

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