Marjan Schut

Marjan was the director and major shareholder of Abiding Holding in the Netherlands until 2009. She is currently chairman of female network organisation Ellas and managing partner of ESpecial Life, a Dutch magazine distributed on the Costa del Sol.

Ellas is a network organisation for Dutch female entrepreneurs on the Costa del Sol. Their aim is to connect Dutch-speaking entrepreneurs and help them grow their business network and activities.

ESpecial Life is a Dutch magazine, launched in 2014 and is distributed every two months. Its readers are Belgian and Dutch people on the Costa del Sol. The magazine covers a broad range of topics such as: art, lifestyle, personal stories, health, food, the outs-and-abouts, etc.

Abiding Holding is an intermediary agency in the Netherlands for business-oriented childcare services (Hop Marjanneke, Kinderopvang & Bedrijven B.V.).They offer consultancy regarding childcare services within both corporate and public organisations, including all kinds of administrative, contractual and financial arrangements.

Also the Kate & Harry formula belonged to Abiding, a franchise formula where women are trained to become independent entrepreneurs in small-scale childcare organisations. Their training courses are offered in collaboration with ROC Nederland, a school for vocational education in the Netherlands.

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